PPJS Solutions

Pune, India


Shrikant Lonikar, Partner
(91) 9099055055

Based in Pune, India, PPJS Solutions is a company offering targeted operations in global markets.

At PPJS Solutions we believe in transparency, compliance, and commitment to the wellbeing of all stakeholders. Our business practices and conduct will always be at the highest standards of ethical practices and aligned culturally well with each global client we work with.

Our Mission is to partner with businesses and leaders to facilitate their goal achievement by developing the organization and leaders, providing them resources and capabilities to excel in their performance and create greater value for the business and leaders by helping them realize their potential.

Our Core activities focus on developing organizations and executive leadership for Growth Readiness and Growth Acceleration. We offer:

  • Leadership Potential Assessment and Development
  • Leadership Transition Management
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring – Career, Growth, Team and Life Coaching
  • Executive Search and Talent Advisory
  • Organization Culture and Effectiveness
  • Human Resource Development

Delivering Special Projects in Transformation and Change Management areas, including:

  • Organizational Transformation
  • HR Function Transformation
  • HR Process Transformation
  • Situation Analysis and Scenario Planning
  • Team Building and Effectiveness
  • Design, Develop and Improve Effectiveness of Internal Communication

For Start-Ups: Organization, Talent and Process Development – from design to execution.