Grupo Alto Potencial

México City


Bosque de Manzanos 167-2 Colonia Bosques de Las Lomas
CP 1170 Ciudad de México
Phone: +52 (55) 1237-8754

We are a Boutique Firm with fifteen years in the market and experts in accompanying national and international companies, in the formation of their teams, identifying for our clients, AAA talent that allows us to mitigate the risks of a mediocre selection from the beginning.

Hence, our responsibility is to structure teams that are characterized not only by covering technical profiles, but also by comprehensive candidates, from a values point of view, principles and impeccable careers in an outstanding manner.

The previously mentioned has allowed us to be fortunately recommended by our clients from all sectors in general, working directly for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CFO’s, HRBP, accompanying them through the talent that we propose for them, in the formation of high-performance teams

Grupo Alto Potencial, is a 100% Mexican company with fifteen years of experience in the market, serving more than 24 sectors nationally and internationally.

Founded by Alicia Luna Rodríguez Bucheli who from a very young age was interested in the human factor, and the impact and difference it has within any Organization if it is genuinely valued.

The mission of Grupo Alto Potencial is to establish long-term relationships with its clients, by unloading and venting on us their specialized Human Capital functions from the attraction and selection of talent, impacting from the operational base to the management, as well as special Human Resources projects.

Immersed in the Digital and Artificial Intelligence era, Grupo Alto Potencial considers, today more than ever, Human Capital and the formation of cheerful, empowered, diverse, agile and versatile work teams, as the most important differential of an invincible Organization, as well as the most valuable and irreplaceable resource of any Organization.

Thus, we achieve a warm experience and accompaniment in the service we offer exceeds expectations, and always serving in each project as a real extension of a strategic area of Human Capital.

Our robust and experienced team of consultants, following the guidelines and strategies of the unique methodology created by our director and executed in an artisanal way, offer added value in talent attraction strategies, compensation analysis, and organizational development, among others.

We have developed core competence in the following areas:

  • Financial sector
  • Insurance
  • Strategic consulting sector
  • Real estate
  • Developers and residential construction
  • Infrastructure
  • industry sector
  • Consumption
  • Restaurants and hospitality
  • Technology sector
  • Education sector
  • Health and pharmaceutical sector
  • Digital marketing and public relations agencies
  • Textile sector
  • Film and digital media production companies
  • National and international start-ups

What differentiates us

Grupo Alto Potencial is not limited to presenting only a short list of the finalist candidates, but rather, we open the entire benchmark to our clients of all the filtered candidates for the requested position, which effectively allows our clients to make the decision about all the talent of the market and not just for three or four suggested.

We offer a response time to open the market information and present the finalists, a maximum of fifteen days after starting the search against a profile previously authorized and released by the client, keeping in touch with them 24/7 to inform about the progress made by position.

Grupo Alto Potencial is responsible for the logistical coordination of interviews with the finalist candidates to carry them out in a timely manner, and with the highest standards of confidentiality in the process that avoids raising any suspicion in the market.
Of the chosen finalist/s, we deliver the check of employment references only with former bosses, as well as the Meticulous Background Check report, which guarantees reliability in the process, confirming that the candidate does not have civil, criminal or administrative claims.

We deliver of the chosen finalist/s the application and interpretation of psychometrics by competencies, developed and interpreted by our psychology department and in accordance with the requirements against the required profile that guarantee reliability in the process.

We offer the preparation of draft calculations for the making of work proposals (formal invitations to work) from the client to the selected finalist who will be hired.

As part of our services, we offer the integration of the file of each finalist candidate, with documents, to coordinate the hiring of candidates in a more efficient way and impacting on candidate satisfaction.

Likewise, we prepare a Reminder & Onboarding for each position, integrating a brief content of the mission, vision and welcome to the team, reporting any matter related to their hiring.

Our services will cover an exponentially longer warranty period than the market in general and with the highest criteria.
For us, each client is unique, therefore we adapt in each of our proposals, the attention to your particular needs, striving every day to provide you with exceptional solutions.

We generate an exceptional and warm experience, giving attention to detail and the highest confidentiality standards for companies and candidates.

In short, what differentiates Grupo Alto Potencial is that we do not act as an external supplier for our clients, but rather as an extension of its strategic selection area, totally responsible for the end to end of the assigned selection processes.

Contact us, and we will gladly provide you with a plan tailored to your needs. We will love meeting you and becoming a real part of your team of attraction and conquest of the best talent in the market.


Managing Director

Since she was very young she has been interested in entrepreneurship and her main source of inspiration are the biographies of people who have made a difference in the face of all kinds of adversity.


Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit and a career in Human Resources in Corporate companies, she was able to identify a new opportunity within the services traditionally offered by Headhunters and this was to be able to act as a real extension of the Human Capital area, hence her interest to start what today is Grupo Alto Potencial.

Currently, in addition to leading the company with a robust and experienced team of consultants, she is also involved in the methodology of each project, and continues to actively participate in different departments of the firm.

She has designed unique methodologies that are reflected in a seamless service experience from start to finish.
Alicia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations from Universidad Anáhuac del Sur, she received the National recognition as the best student in Mexico after obtaining the best average of her generation. She also has a Diploma in Marketing from ITAM.

She considers Human Capital as the most important and irreplaceable factor of any organization, loves nature, animals and enjoying life in the company of her husband and children.